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Towards more Women In Science & Technology


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Support Ukrainian women and scientists

The Twist Basel team has compiled several options to support Ukrainian refugees, mainly women and children who have left their country and must start from zero. We can provide more information and translation assistance if needed, so please contact us via: email. Spread the word about these and other initiatives! Reach out to people and offer your help! Let us know if you would like to help, we will connect you to Basel volunteers.

1. Hosting Ukrainian scientists in exile

To host refugee scientists: Participating laboratories around the world can be listed in the following Google sheet: link

2. Money donation to humanitarian associations

  • Ukrainian Association in Basel: link.

  • Military or civil Ukrainian support foundation: link.

  • National Bank of Ukraine: link.

  • Ukrainian-Polish associations at the border: Polska Akcja Humanitarna: link, Fundacja “”: link

  • International Red Cross: link.

  • UN Refugee Agency: link

3. Psychological support and counseling

If you are looking for psychological help, you may turn to these resources from the ETHZ, for students: link, for employees: link, and from UniBasel: link

Highlights of 2021

Menstruation station at D-BSSE ETH Zürich


We are happy to announce that D-BSSE building (BSA-1058 P.51) now has a menstrual station, where free sanitary projects can be found. This became possible because of a joint effort of VMB and the central office of ETH Zurich. More info about campaign here.


"...The aim of the pilot project is to contribute to the normalization and overcome the taboo surrounding the topic of menstruation at ETH Zurich, but also in Swiss society in general"

Role Model session, together with the the Innovation Office (University of Basel)

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