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Entrepreneurship Series 

Twist is organizing once again a series of entrepreneurship talks in collaboration with FEMtrepreneurs. 

FEMseries consists of four parts: 

  1. Teaser-talks with female entrepreneurs and leaders organized by TwistBasel (Twist Tuesdays, see poster below for more infos and registration). Virtual chats with a few established female entrepreneurs/leaders, answering questions on their entrepreneurial path. What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? 

  2. Why + Ideation workshop organized by FEMtrepreneurs
    Ideation is the process of generating a broad set of ideas without judgement. This workshop helps to play around with the idea and evaluate afterwards whether it could be taken to the next level, new business models, and services. This workshop explores why an idea is important to a specific group or pertinent to a problem. This part of the workshop is guided by experts in the Basel ecosystem.

  3. Business Model workshop organized by FEMtrepreneurs
    This workshop will be an input for women to develop their ideas into business ideas. They will get information on the structure of the business model.

  4. Pitching workshop organized by FEMtrepreneurs
    With the input of the Ideation and Business Model lectures, the participants will be able to prepare a pitch under the supervision of pitching experts. 


Register here!

In 2019 the University of Basel launched together with the Impact Hub BaselHBA - Healthcare Businesswomen AssociationWomenMatters, and WE Hub Telangana the FEMtrepreneurs Initiative with the focus on female leader- and entrepreneurship. This grass-roots approach initiative has the main goal of creating a community to support female entrepreneurs in their innovative endeavors, and enable their development particularly in founding their businesses. If you have an idea or would like to be active in the supporting entrepreneurial spirit, have a look at our upcoming events and programs under the following link.

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